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CNC Router for Cabinet Making Machine RCA1325

CNC Router for Cabinet Making Machine RCA1325

product name:CNC Router for Cabinet Making Machine RCA1325 A brief description: Important Features of CNC Router for Cabinet Making Fast material loading and unloading. It is widely use for producing panel furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. CNC Rou


Cnc router cabinets RCA1325

With hard steel structure, the cnc router cabinets is fit for hard wood working, like cutting and engraving on Rosewood for furniture, indoor decoration, and cnc router cabinets is qualified for mass- producing of furniture.

Cnc router cabinets’s body is strong, high-precision, reliable and durable.

Imported high-precision ball screw, which moving smoothly, to ensure the machine’s high precision. Cnc router cabinets RCA1325 with HAS Boring unit 9+4.

1. Well-known Italian HSD ATC spindle, strong cutting ability, low noise, to ensure the machine working for long time.

2.With Automatically pushing function, it can contact the auto loading and unloading platform, for reducing labor cost and saving time,

3. High-performance driven motor to ensure the machine’s high speed and accuracy.

4. Breakpoint specific memory to keep the carving status when power off, processing time forecast and other functions in case of the accidental power outages.

5. High speed Yaskawa servo motors and drivers, and two motors for Y axis.

6. Perfect design, top quality accessories, to minimize the machine’s failure rate.

Technical Parameters:

Parmeter RCA1325
X,Y,Z,A,C Traveling 1300*2500*150mm
Table Vacuum and T-slot Combined Table
Frame Welded Structure
X,Y,Z Drive System X,Y Helical rack and pinion,Z Ball screw
Max Rapid Speed 30000mm/min
Max Working Speed 20000mm/min
Spindle Power 3.0/6.5/9KW
Spindle Speed 0-18000RPM
Driving System Stepper System
Working Voltage AC380v,50/60Hz,3Ph
Command Language G Code
Operating System DSP System
Software Type 3,Artcam,JD
Gross Weight 4500KG
Options Vacuum pump

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