Advertising Industry Engraving Cutting 1212 1224 CNC Router

Features of Advertising CNC Router:
CNC Router YK1212/YK1224 is the best choice for small piece, Medial size woodworking,
because of the humanity design, it is very good for advertising working.
And the machine is good at engraving on brass,aluminum,plastic,acrylic,wood,MDF and
other similar materials.Working with dust hood on all three axis,it can stop dust away from the rails and ball screw,and also to keep the machine working for longer time.
We use accuracy LM linear (HIWIN/TBI) for all three axis, with options like water slot, mist spray system…etc.
With T-slot table, holding the materials with clamps, High precision, you can do many jobs for sign mading, wood artwork..

Details of CNC Router Advertising Engraving Machine:

The optional accessories:
1. Rotary axis
-For engraving on cylindrical shape materials. Please kindly tell us your cylindrical shape materials’length and diameter. Then we can add right rotary axis to the machine, and quote the right price foryour rotary axis.

2. Vacuum table (contain vacuum pump and vacuum pipes)
—-For fixing the materials on the working table, especially for bigger working table.After added vacuum table, the voltage will need to be 3 phase/380V.

3. Dust collector (contain dust collector pump and dust collector pipes)
—-For sucking away the dusts, such as wood dusks and so on.

4. DSP controlling system (off-computer controlling) /MACH3(USB interface/Lan interface)
—-USB interface, 128MB flash memory

5. Water cycling system (water sink on the working table)
-For engraving on stone or metal materials. It is used to down the spindle’s high temperature
Applications of CNC Router Advertising Engraving Machine:
wooden doors,cabinets,plate,office and wood furniture,tables,chair,doors and windows.
The wood products voice box,game cabinets,computer tables,sewing Machine table,instruments.
Plate processing
Insulation part,plastic chemical components,PBC,inner body of car,bowling tracks,stairs,anti-Bate
board,epoxy resin,ABS,PP,PE and other carbon mixed compounds.
Decoration industry
Acrylic,PVC,MDF,artificial stone,organic glass,plastic and soft metals such as copper multifunction woodworking machine.

Performance parameter of CNC Router Advertising Engraving Machine

Description parameter
XYZ working area 1200mmx1200mmx200mm/1200x2400x200mm
Table size 1260mmX1420mm
XYZ travel positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/300mm
XYZ repositioning positioning accury ±0.01mm
Table surface T-slot Extrusions
frame Welded steel structure
X, Z Structure Ball Screw
Y Structure Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
Max power consumption 0.8Kw
Max.Rapid Travel Rate 10000mm/min
Max working speed 6000mm/min
Spindle Power 2.2 KW Water Cooling Spindle
Spindle speed 0-24000rmp
work mode Stepper?motor
Working voltage AC380V/50/60Hz,1phs (220V)
Command language G code
Collet ER16
Interface USB
Operating system DSP(option: NcStudio, Syntec…)
Inner?memory 128M(Disk)
X-Y resolution 0.003mm
Software environment Type3, Ucan cam
Running environment Temperature:0°C-45°C-
Paking size 1710mm x 1750mm x 1650mm
Net weight 750KG
Gross weight 850KG
Package?Dimension 2200mm*2200mm*1500?mm
PS:?All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

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