New Woodworking/Automatic/CNC Router Engraving/Cutting/Carving Machine

Main Features
Reliable professional mechanical design makes machine work smoothly and long life;
Machine frame is constructed with 10mm steel tube weldment, tempered to ensure no distortion,and machined by large gantry milling machine. The durability of machine is guaranteed.
Using CNC center to drill holes for installing gear racks and guiding rails,minimizing the accuracy error in the Installation Process.
The core components are the top brands in the world, such as HSD spindle router, Siemens controller and Siemens servo motors.
The most advanced detection tools laser interferometer and Renishaw ballbar are used to measure the mechanical accuracy.
Traverse speed of the machine reach to 60m per minute and mechanical precision up to 0.05mm, which means the machine will have high efficiency productivity in high accuracy.
Automatic tool changer function makes the machine process complex designs more quickly and easily.
HPL /Aluminum vacuum inhaling working table, ensure no deformation of working table even after long time use.
Process Material: Acrylic, Plastic, Aluminum, Brass, Solid Wood, MDF, PVC, ABS, ACP, FOAM, etc.
Applicating Field: advertising industry to make acrylic mini letters; high quality soft metal processing; furniture making (doors, windows, kitchen cabinet etc.); decoration industry, etc.

Technical Parameters

Working Size 1300 x 2500 x 200mm
(4.3×8.2 x0.66ft)
1500 x 3000 x 200mm
(4.9×9.8 x0.66ft)
2000 x 3000 x 200mm
(6.6×9.8 x0.66ft)
Spindle? ?RPM24000 9KW Italy HSD or Hiteco ATC spindle(RPM36000 is optional)
Inverter Delta inverter 11KW
Driving motor 1.3KW Japan Yaskawa Servo motor
Reducer Japan Shimpo Reducer
Tool Stock high quality Taiwan tool holder. tool stock up to 12pcs.
Structure 10mm thick steel tube welding
Transmission XY axis Taiwan Apex C6 Grade Helical gear rack,
Z axis high accuracy TBI Grinding ball screw
XYZ Guiding Rails Y axis Taiwan PMI30mm square rails, XZ axis PMI25mm square rails
Cooling system mist sprayer cooling system
Table HPL /Aluminum vacuum inhaling working table
Machining Accuracy <=0.05mm
Tool Calibration Automatic Tool Sensor
Dust collector ????????? auto control dust brushing head with easy-move dust collector
Max. Move Speed ????????????????????????????? 60m/minute
Spindle Speed 6000-24000rpm (rpm36000 is optional)
Controller system German Siemens OR Taiwan Syntec
Design Software UCANCAM/Type3/ARTCAM
Support file format G code or HPGL
Voltage AC 380V/60Hz
Net Weight 2800KG 3000kg 3500kg
Dimensions(LXWXH) 3150 x 2500 x 1800 mm 3650x2700x1800mm
Packing size 3860x 2230x1900mm

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